Screen Printing

What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is a printing technique particularly suited for flat or relatively flat surfaces. The heart of the process involves a fine mesh or screen that is tightly stretched around a rigid frame. The areas that are not to be printed are masked out on the screen using emulsion. To create the print, the framed screen is positioned over the item to be printed. A squeegee is then used to press the ink through the screen. The masked areas, coated with emulstion prevent ink from passing through, but the unmasked areas allow the ink to be imprinted on the material. The final step is to send the item on a conveyor belt through a heat-tunnel. This curing process ensures that the inks dry quickly so that they materials can be stacked, packaged and shipped immediately to you!


If you wish to learn more about screen printing, check out Catspit Productions, LLC.  Jonathan has made a TON of great Screen Printing How-To videos, sells everything you’ll need to Screen Print and will help you out in any way possible!


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